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Peace and Justice Ministry

This is a committee whose role is to ensure that there is peace and justice in accordance to the country's
constitution and the teachings of the Bible. The committee's role has been to:-

-To look at the areas requiring civic education in the Diocese.
-To find ways for intervention incases of misunderstanding among the people in Embu Diocese.
- Plan for the operationalization of paralegal
-Ecumenical participation


During the period under review the following has been done relating to the above roles.
-We have been able to attend several meetings in Embu East and Embu west where issues of peace and
security have been deliberated.
-The Diocese of Embu has joined with other churches to train clergy and church leaders through civic
education seminars.
-Some of church leaders in our Diocese are actively involved in the formation and running of local
area security committees.
-We have been participating on District forums where issues of justice among the Ordinary Kenyan
have been discussed.
-The Diocese carried out sensitization on the draft constitution during the referendum.
-The Diocese has been organizing food raising initiatives which have been able to raise food for the
internally displaced people and the other needy persons within Embu county.

-To train our Christians in future on basic human rights as found in the Kenyan. constitution
- To be there for the Christians always when they need direction on the issue of interpretation of the