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About Us

The department deals generally with the available resources, pooling them together and mobilizing them
together so as to develop the Diocese as an institution and the Christians in general. The committee is
expected to co-ordinate any development activity in the Diocese as well as working with other development



The station is managed by a station development committee and the staff who work closely together to
plan, implement, monitoring and evaluation the progress. The committee is appointed through the
diocese for a period of two years and they meet every three months for review and receiving reports

The station has mobilized 32 active social groups both in the rural Finance and integrated programme.
The groups have a membership of between 15 people to 50 members giving a total of 965 members.
These groups are involved in various aspects of Development like savings credit, livestock,
agriculture, environmental Managemnet and Conservation, Entrepreneurship and health.

The station has continued collaborating and networking with other development actors within the
catchment areas.
1. GOK line ministries , Health , Water, Social services ,Environment, Agriculture, Livestock,
Forest and provincial administration.
2. Church based organisation, Catholic Church of Embu Diocese, CDC Mbeere ACK Diocese.
3. Community based organizations and groups
4. Slow food international
5. ACK diocese of embu
6. ACK diocese of kirinyaga
7. PCEA Meru diocese.
8. Municipal council Runyenjes
9. CDF Runyenjes

Through these collaboration and networking, there is growth of our station and improvement of the
service delivery to the community.