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1.Ndumari Parish

Ndumari Parish is a relatively young Parish.The Parish comprises of four
congregations; -Ndumari
-St.James Nguruka

the Parish objective was laying a strong Christian foundation; spiritually, physically and socially. The Parish is
situated in an area that is largely a settlement are i.e. many people in the society have come from other areas
to live in this area. The economy is largely determined by the rainy season because there is no cash crop in
the area and everyone relies on food crops for economic sustainability.

The Parish has 70 active congregants. In the last two years, 27 have been baptized, and 33 have been
confirmed. Around 40 people are communicants in the Parish.


i). Children Ministry

ii). Youth Ministry

iii). Women Ministry

iv). Men Ministry

2.Kamviu Parish

Kamviu Parish comprises of two churches namely: - St Stephen Church and A.C.K Gicago church. We
also serve two schools i.e. Kamviu primary school and Kamviu Day Secondary School during our
morning worship programmes.

-Sunday school

3.Kathunguri Parish

Kathunguri Parish consists of two congregations i.e. Kathunguri and Kiruari. The Parish has about 200
Christians and about 160 Christians are active. About 85% of Christians depend on agriculture.
The parish plan is Preaching the gospel and teaching our Christians. Invite activities that will make the gospel to be holistic.

-Sunday school

4.Kiriari Parish

Kiriari parish is located on the Eastern slopes of Mt. Kenya. The main economic activity is tea growing and
it's highly populated. The parish is in Kiriari Deanery, Kianjokoma Archdeaconry. It has two (2) A.C.K.
sponsored Primary Schools and two (2) secondary schools. It comprises of two congregations
i.e.- St.Augustine Church which has 300 Christians and
-A.C.K. Christ the King Karuriri has 50 Christians


A church with ability to equip all God's people to face the challenges of today's life.

To enable people to obey God through Jesus Christ by preaching, teaching, healing social transformation and
enabling them to grow in faith and live in its fullness.
We thank God for the years that are gone he has been with us. The lord has enabled us to do the following
activities in his vineyard since the year 2010 began.

The year began by preparing candidates for confirmation. The candidates who were confirmed totaled to 27
and among them, were five candidates from St. Anne's girls secondary and the rest were boys and girls from
our two congregations. During this confirmation day 144 children were blessed by the Bishop out of which
25 were infants.

-Sunday school

5.Karungu Parish

Karungu parish is in Kaithege Deanery, Karungu Archdeaconry. It comprises of five congregations
? St. James Karungu with approximately of 150 members
? St. Luke's Nyagari with approximately of 50 members
? All saints Kathanjuri with approximately of 120 members
? St. Ann's Gakwegori with approximately of 100 members
? ACK Thau with approximately of 50 members

Karungu parish also serves the following school:-
1. Secondary Schools
- Kegonge Boys High School
- Nyagari mixed day secondary school
- Kathanjuri mixed Day sec school (new)

2. Primary Schools
- Nyagari Primary school
- Karungu primary
- Kathanjuri primary school
- St. James Karungu Primary school.
Most people are subsistence farmers who grow coffee, mangoes and bananas as cash crops, maize and beans
as the main food crops.

-Sunday school

6.Ugweri Parish

The Parish is made up of 3 congregations, namely
i). St. Faith Ugweri with about 90 Christians.
ii). St. Philips Kiringa with about 50 Christians
iii).St. Barnabas Macumo with about 30 Christians. Parishioners mainly depend on farming

-Sunday school

7.All Saints Gichiche Parish

- We have two congregation

ii). Gichera
- Size: Gichiche active members 70
Gichera active members 10
OBJECTIVES 2010-2011
- To develop Christians spiritually ------To seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.
- To search for the lost and bring them to the fold of Jesus Christ.
- To help the OVC


- To develop Christians spiritually ------To seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.
- To search for the lost and bring them to the fold of Jesus Christ.
- To help the OVC



8.Kianjokoma Parish

Kianjokoma Parish made up of two congregations namely:- Trinity church Kianjokoma and St. Barnabas
church Gichugu. Trinity Church being the centre has a big capacity of 650 Christians and Gichugu has a
population of 125 Christians. Out main objective is to reach as many people as God will enable us in the

9.Mbuvori Parish

We as the Christians of A.C.K Mbuvori Parish sincerely wish to thank and appreciate the goodness of our
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The parish is located on the upper zone of Embu county (Embu North) and it
is in Kagumori Deanery, Nginda Archdeaconry, and A.C.K Embu Diocese. The Parish has three (3)
congregations namely, Mbuvori (Parish Centre), Karau and Kathunuri.
Mbuvori church has 70 Regular Christians, 25 youth members and 40 children who attend Sunday school;
Karau church has 43 regular Christians, 20 youth members and 22 Sunday school children, while Kathuniri
church has 50 regular Christians, 22 regular youth and 25 regular Sunday school children.
During the period under review i.e. (2010-2011) our objectives were to strengthen Christian fellowship,
caring for the needy, enhancing financial management for prompt quota payment, mobilization of our God
given resources to meet our parish developments and starting income generating projects.

10.Kigari Parish

Kigari parish has a long history having been the centre where the first CMS missionaries first set foot in
1909 when Rev. Hooper identified the place. He never settled though. The centre started in 1910 when
Dr. T.W.W. Crawford and his wife Mary settled serving both Kabare and Kigari as missionaries up
Between 1913 and 1915 there was no resident missionary at Kigari. Hoever, in 1915 Rev. John Comley
and his wife arrived from Canada and served continuously until his death in 1939. Rev. Comley was the
largest serving priest and is remembered by many of the older generation often referring to him as
Today's Diocesan parishes can easily retrace their roots from Kigari Parish. The latest parishes to be
created from Kigari Parish are Manyatta, Kairuri, Kamviu, which became parishes in 1977 and Kigari
Parish which become parish on 10th September 2000. The present Kigari Parish has two congregations,
Emmanuel Church Kigari and St. John's Matiru with a congregation population of about 09 and 100

11.St. Peter’s Rung’ang’a Parish

Our vision is to have a Biblically based empowered self sustaining church focusing on Jesus Christ as her
role model.

Our mission is to bring all Christians to a living relationship with Jesus Christ trough evangelism, teaching,
capacity building and helping them grow in faith for a holistic life.

Our core values are Transparency and accountability integrity and commitment, Teamwork and trust,
Honesty and to maintain Biblical orthodoxy.
Rung'ang'a Parish is a one congregation parish within Rung'ang'a deanery, Nembure Archdeaconry.

12.Kagaari Parish

-Sunday school

13.Kithegi Parish

Kithegi Parish is made up of the following five congregations:
i). St. Edmond no of Christians 120
ii). ACK Kiandundu no. of Christians 50
iii). ACK Ndatu no of Christians 50
iv). ACK Kamuthatha no. of Christians 30
v). ACK Mwirukire no. of Christians 30

We have got ACK sponsored school – Kamuthatha Boarding primary school; other schools within the Parish
are: D.E.B Kithegi primary school, D.E.B Kithegi secondary (Day), D.E.B. Kiandunu primary and R.C.M
Alomano primary school.

14.St. Barnabas Kathari Parish

Kathari Parish was created in 1998. It was curved out of Kaithege parish. It is a one congregation parish. It
has two Sunday services: English and Kiembu. The main service is the Kiembu one.
The Parish's objectives for the two years have been evangelism and quota payment. The parish efforts to
plant congregation at Kathageri and Itiri block, have been frustrated by lack of land.
Most Christians in the Parish are coffee growers, which is the main cash crop. Dairy cattle farming is
another source of income..
In the last two years there has been good working relationship with politicians and government agencies.
They supported our church projects

15.Mukangu Parish

The parish is comprised of four congregations namely:
? St. Peter's - Mukangu
? St. Philip's - Kathangari
? St. Stephen's - Kavurokori
? St. Augustine - Gituri


Ciamanda Parish is located in Embu East District, Kyeni East location, Kigumo sub-location. It is
composed of three congregations namely, St. Francis Ciamanda as the Parish center which is made up of 90
house holds, St Magdalene Nguyori made up of 86 house holds, and St. Paul's Magaca has 41 house holds or
families, therefore the parish has a total of 253 house holds. Before the beginning of 2010 the Parish had
suffered disintegration due to leadership and Pastoral issues and therefore as a result for the two years our

objectives have been.
1. To ensure peace and harmony prevail between the Christians, leaders and the clergy in charge by
preaching and teaching the word of God
2. To reach out to all through intensive pastoral visitation.
3. Ensuring that our Vicar receives all his monthly dues by remitting our Diocese quota allocation dues.
4. Facilitating congregational development like to sharing our achievements in different activities we
have been able to conduct.
It is therefore in this line that we would like to share our achievements in different activities we have been
able to conduct

17.Ena Parish

ACK Ena Parish is in Kagaari archdeaconry in Embu Diocese. It has four congregations namely:-
? ACK Nthagaiya
? ACK St. Anne's Kavangua
? ACK Andrews Gikuuri
? ACK St. Mary's Ena which is Parish/Denary centre.

A vibrant & sustainable Parish that transforms people through the world of God.

18.Kiangima Parish

Kiangima is one Parish congregation consisting of one single church St Mathews. The parish is surrounded
by Kangaru, Kirigi, Gatunduri, Runganga and Mukangu parishes. The Parish is within Embu municipality
and Embu County Council. It's members are within two districts i.e. Embu West and Embu North.
We have a moderate sizeable congregation of about 500 Christians in both services. Our objectives include
managing the sizeable congregation for the affective co-ordination of the Parish and bringing more people to
Christ. We have a mixture of urban and rural Christians and most of them are economically stable. They
support the ministry work. Spiritually and financially we are doing well. We thank God for the far he has
taken us.

-Sunday school

19.Nembure Parish

The parish consists of Christ Church Nembure, St. Ann's Rukira and Mbukori church. The economic
activity is peasant farming, and of late miraa growing.

-Sunday school

20.Nginda Parish

We would like to thank our Almighty God for His unmeasurable blessing for the past two years. We
appreciate His good walk with us.

Nginda parish has two congregations
? St. Luke's Kibugu with about 300 adults ,100youth and 90children
? St. Mary Gikirima which is very young with 50 adult, 20 youths and 25 children.

21.Muchagori Parish

Muchagori Parish is made up of three congregations namely, St. Mary's Muchagori, St John's Kianjuki and
Emmanuel church Kianyangi. The neighboring Parishes are Kamugere, Kavutiri and Makengi

22.Kamugere Parish

On 1st January 2009 Kamugere Parish was created after the sub-division of Kianjokoma Parish. The
inaugural service was done by the Diocesan Bishop on 9th January 2009. The parish has three
congregations:- St. Timothy church Kamugere, St. Luke church Kathande and St. Mark church Kibogi.
Kibogi church was created on 4th January 2009 with 54 members.

Kamugere church - 120 members
Kathande church - 70 members
Kibogi church - 80 members.

23.Manyatta Parish

Manyatta Parish is a one congregation Parish, with a population of around two hundred (200) people and a
half of them being active members.
The Parish is located at the heart of Embu North District and its one of the Parishes forming Kigari
Archdeaconry. Most of the congregants earn their living through farming and very few are employed. The
church also runs a private school by the name ACK All Saints Manyatta Primary School which has a
population of 195 pupils.

24.St. Peter’s Kavutiri

Kavutiri Parish is made up of one congregation which is St. Peter's Kavutiri. It has an average of 190
Christians and 30 Sunday school children. Many of the Christians are tea growers and therefore the church
depends mostly on the input of the farmers.

-Sunday school

25.Kagumori Parish

The parish of Kagumori has four (4) congregations namely:-
1. St. Peter's Kagumori church
2. St. Paul's Muthigi church
3. Karimari church
4. Rutune church

26.Kithunguri Parish

Phillips Kithunguriri Church, St. James Kenga Church, ACK Kiamwiatu Church and ACK Keria Church. St.
Philips Kithunguriri and St. James Kenga are consecrated but the other two have not yet constructed
permanent churches.
The sizes of congregations are as follows:-
St. Phillip Kithunguriri has an average of 90 Adult Christians and 65 S. School Children, St. James Kenga
Church has an average of 140 adult Christians and 60 S. Schools Children. ACK Kaimwiatu Church has 120
adult Christians and 55 S. School Children and Keria Church has 42 Adult Christians and 30 Sunday School


-Sunday school

27.Gatunduri Parish

ACK Gatunduri Parish comprises of St. John Gatunduri and St. Paul's Gakinduriri.
The former Sunday attendance is between 200 and 250 Christians of which the latter lies between 60 to 70
The main social economic activities are trading, livestock keeping, cash crop and subsistence farming. 2010
and 2011 objectives were quota payment, pastoral evangelism and care to both school children and other
Christians in the Villages.
Physical development involved supporting the construction of St. Paul's Gakinduriri, St. John Millennium
Academy classes, buying of Church hall materials for St. John Gatunduri.
All the input have made the Christians to end up the year very encouraged and ready to embrace the new year
2012 with a lot of enthusiasm.

-Sunday school

28.Gitare Parish

Below is a report of Gitare Parish which is Kagaari Archdeaconry and in Kanja Deanery. The parish has
three congregations namely: St. Peters Gitare, St Augustine Iriari and St. Philips Rukuriri. St Philips is
under construction while the other two are consecrated. The Parish is classified at tea Zone area and
Christians are middle income earners.

-Sunday school

29.Kairuri Parish

St. Catherine Kairuri Church is a Parish by itself which has only one congregation. It is in Mukangu Deanery,
Kigari Archdeaconry.


-Sunday school

30.Kaithege Parish

No. of Congregations and Membership

(i) ACK St. Joseph Kaithege - 250 Christians
(ii) ACK St. Christopher Mufu - 70 Christians
(iii) ACK St. Michael Kiaragana - 60 Christian
(iv) ACK St. Lukes Ndiu - 25 Christians
(v) ACK Gatumbi - 12 Christians

-Sunday school

31.Kamiu Parish

Kamiu parish consists of the two congregations namely St. Stephen Majimbo and St. Johns Kamiu.
Both congregations have 110 and 120 members respectively. The main objectives of the parish in the 2 years
period was to sustain Christians maturity growth, reach out for the back sliders, un evangelized and also
caring for the poor and the needy.

-Sunday school

32.Kangaru Parish

During the period in review, the parish recorded various Activities. These included both physical and
spiritual development. We take pastoral ministry as a key element as a church. Our aim is to extend this
ministry as much as possible to all Christian.
During the said period we have visited Christian giving hope, encouragement and reconciling them above
all, sharing the word of God and prayer. All Departments have been working together towards a common
goal. The ministry to the needy and the sick was boosted by the HIV/AIDS departments. The orphan's
program has been re-organized to serve the legitimate persons better than before. To boost this ministry we
employed an evangelist in June 2011.

33.Kanja Parish

Kanja Parish existed in the early eighties but the current Kanja was started in 19190. Christians have
continued to grow in numbers have bringing a lot of spiritual development. The Parish is made up of four
congregations namely:
? St. Thomas Kanja – 350 members
? St. Annes Mukuuri – 70 Members
? St. Barnabas Mugui – 60 members
? All Saints Mbuinjeru – 40 Members


-Sunday school

34.Karurumo Parish

Karurumo Parish is located on the lower side of Embu East along Ishiara road 200 meters from Karurumo
market. The parish has 2 congregations namely: St. Peters Karurumo and Kanjikeru church about 8
Kilometres from Karurumo st. Peters Church has an average of about 200 Christians while Kanjikeru has
about 30 Christians.


-Sunday school

35.Kaugwiri Parish

Kaugwiri Parish is in Nginda Arcdeaconry, Kaugwiri deanery. It is a parish of one congregation and the
smallest parish in Embu Diocese with an average of 65 Christians.
Our major objectives in these two year period was to evangelize to our Christians and start a permanent
church which we have achieved by the help of God.

-Sunday school

36.Kigaa Parish

It is now four years and two months, since I took over the parish as its vicar I/C. So far many things have
happened during the last four years. The Parish began waking up since I took over by the help of God. We
have been able to sit down to discuss our failures and our achievements many times.
Motto: Listen to one another and respect.

-Sunday school


37.Kirigi Parish

The Parish of Kirigi is single church parish, it has about three hundred and fifty members (Christians) that is
two hundred women and one hundred and fifty men. We also have about one hundred members in the
English service. These are dedicated and committed Christians who are able to meet parish financial
obligations. We are always able to complete the Diocesan quota and to do some developments.
We have 4 blocks – Kirigi, Gakambura, Muthigi and Gicugu. We normally have pastoral visits on Thursday
and Fridays.
Each block has 10 officials who are stakeholders and during the block fello

-Sunday school

38.St. Andrew’s Old Stadium Parish

ACK St. Andrews Old Stadium Parish began as a congregation of Cathedral in 1996 and as a Parish in 2000.
It is a Parish with one congregation. The total number of Christians is 650. Our two years objective has been
to unite the church members to live as one family fostering growth in church through:-

The five objectives as follows:-
1. Evangelism and out reach Ministry.
2. Praising and Worshipping Church
3. Adding new membership hence increasing the Church membership.
4. Adding new members who are getting saved.
5. To have a well giving church, in terms of money and resources.

- Most of our Christians Comprises
? Business people
? Civil Servants
? Employment for other Sectors
? A few farmers
? Our Parish is in urban set up where in April and December vocations we register l

-Sunday school

39.St. Peter’s Karurina Parish

The Parish has 2 congregation namely
-Gicuvirori has around fourty five (45)
- St. Mary's Gatondo has around eighty (80) people and our new Church Gicuvirori is forty five (45)

In social economic the climate in the area had not been so favourable and many people here depend on food
crops in the parish

-Sunday school

40.Makengi Parish

Makengi Parish is in Makengi location and in Nembure Archdeaconry. It is composed of three congregations
namely:- St. Phillips Makengi which is the parish centre and with a population of eighty (80) members
including the youth. ACK Kevote with a population of about eighty (80) people. ACK Keruri church which
has about thirty (30) members including the youth. Therefore the parish has approximately one hundred and
ninety members. Some of which are inactive. Makengi Parish is surrounding by five parishes namely,
Kamugere, Ena, Nembure, Kamviu and Mucagori parish.

-Sunday school


41.Cathedral Parish

Cathedral Parish is made up of two congregations namely St. Paul's Cathedral and St. Peters Church Gatituri.
St. Paul's Cathedral is a large congregation with a population of about 600 registered members and has 3
Sunday services. Youth Services, English Services and Kiswahili Services.
St. Peter's is a relatively small congregation of a membership of 150 people. St. Paul's is in town so its falls
under urban ministry while the daughter church is in the outskirts of town so there services is more inclined
to rural context.

-Sunday school