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The department deals generally with the available resources, pooling them together and mobilizing them
together so as to develop the Diocese as an institution and the Christians in general. The committee is
expected to co-ordinate any development activity in the Diocese as well as working with other development


Theological Education by Extension

Theological Education by Extension aims at equipping leaders and Christians for effective Ministry of
the Church of Christ. It is a continuous learning process leading to Christian maturity necessary for
individual and co-operate stability of the Christian faith. The courses are designed to cater to various
themes derived from the Bible. TEE helps the church to combat the current doctrinal challenges as it
grows deeper into the knowledge about God. TEE is managed by a committee which is in the Board of
Education and Training.

TEE Vision:
A strong locally supported well regulated Theological Education by Extension programme that is a
resource of equipping and upgrading the laity and the Clergy through Theological and Biblical
Training at all levels for Christian service witness.

TEE Mission:
To enable Church leaders and Christians to grow in faith in Christ and in their service and witness by
learning through Theological Education by Extension at all levels so as to bring transformation in the
Church and society.

Formal Education

The Formal Education Committee forms one of the committees in the Board of Education and
Training. The Committee is charged with the responsibility of overseeing education in all the formal
Institutions including Pre-schools, Primary schools, secondary Schools, Tertiary Institutions like
Polytechnics, Teacher Training Colleges and other Institutions of higher learning.

VISION: Our Vision in the department is “Enhanced Development of a wholistic Person at levels.”

MISSION: To Co-ordinate the promotion of quality Education Through:

- Equipping the learners with relevant positive knowledge skills and attitude.
- Enhance the capacities of all Education Stakeholders.
- Enhance the Spiritual growth in our ACK Sponsored Institutions.
-Collaborate and network with all Stakeholders


The following values have been emphasized in all our Institutions: Discipline, Order, honesty,
Etiquette, teamwork, cleanliness, aesthetics, tolerance, respect, integrity, communication and
feedback, accountability.
The above values and virtues have been communicated to all our Institutions for daily observance. Our
Schools and other Institutions have found them very useful.